Ribeauvillé France

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Ribeauvillé is one of the oldest medieval towns in Alsace and is rightfully touted as one of the prettiest. It is a small community, with approximately 5000 people and is surrounded by ancient town walls. Located on the wine route it is an old village mixed with young exuberance. From castle ruins to casinos, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

With its narrow streets and 16th century houses, it is a glimpse back in time as you tour the picturesque village. Relax in one of the many cafes to absorb scenery and culture while sampling local cuisine.

Bring your water bottle while touring and when it’s empty, refill in one of the many water-wells in town. The water is not only safe to drink, it’s chilled as well. There are four water wells to choose from:

  1. The Fontaine du Cerf at 81 High Street
  2. Fountain at Place de la Sinn
  3. Fountain in front of Hotel De ‘Ville
  4. Republic Square Fountain

For hiking, trails are clearly marked and easily accessible for exploring the three castles above the village.

Whether you’re using an automobile, bicycle or traveling by foot you can take advantage of the various tours. Tours are offered by rail, horseback, bicycle and your own two feet. Whichever your method of choice, the vineyards are a must. They have been in existence since the middle ages, and many winegrowers as well as cooperatives offer visits to their cellars as well as tastings.

If you plan on touring Ribeauvillé, give yourself a bit of breathing room in your itinerary for taking pictures. Even walking through town, everything catches your eye. The houses, inns, shops, halls and all buildings have beautiful decor and details all the way to the roof.

Suggested wine of the Week from our Alsace Tasting Parcel
Cave Cleebourg Sylvaner 2014 The aroma is light and apple-like with traces of vanilla and lemon. The taste is fruit-forward with the same notes as the aroma, with a nice combination of acids and tannins in the after taste. The color is a light golden.


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